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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a location that is safe for my runaway Dog?

Yes, I choose the place based on you address (max 40 miles) and primarily in park (state park, metro park) I check before the session that place is safe, in that they are not near traffic or other, however, these areas are not fenced. Instead, I provide a selection of long-lines suited for your dog– small or large! – so that they can run relatively free, yet safe! I always bring the lines along. Your dogs safety is always our priority.

Dog has no recall and can't be off lead

For the majority of a client session the leash remains on. It only usually comes off if the client is comfortable with it and it's safe for the pet to do so.

Through the magic (aka my editing skills) of post processing the leash is removed so that you can enjoy your pet in all their leash free glory. However collars typically are not removed, make sure your pet is wearing a nice collar that is in good condition. Harnesses cannot be removed.

Can i be in the photos too?

I love taking candid photos of people with their pets! There’s no better way to capture the special connection you have with them. Keep this in mind when choosing your outfit for the day. Wear something nice, yet suitable for the location (tennis shoes, hiking boots, nice jeans/leggings, etc.) If you do not want me to take candid photos, no problem! Just let me know before your session.

Should i bring people to help?

If you have more than one dog, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring reinforcements! Your pet’s behavior is a big factor in determining the number of human helpers we will need. No one knows your pets better than you, so use your best judgment. If you’re not sure or have questions, just ask me!

Normally from photo session date to final order delivery, I tell my clients to expect it to take 4-8 weeks, with most cases taking around 6 weeks. It all depends on your schedule and availability for scheduling too. If you have a deadline or a timeline you’d like to meet, just let me know in the beginning of the process and I will always work with you as best I can.

How long does the process take?

Not a problem. I have a list of locations! We can talk about the options and I can show you photos of some location choices. Regardless, we’ll find the perfect location for you, your dogs, and the style you’re going for.

What if I don’t have any location ideas

I am used to working with pets of different breeds and personalities in all sorts of situations and always do my best to keep the photography session low key and stress-free. If you are worried about how your dog will handle a photo session, just let me know when booking and we’ll plan accordingly. I will also offer tips and tricks to make the photo session go smoothly AND get great images.

My dog needs time to warm up to new people or my dog is high energy?

YES! Please don’t worry, I’ll work with you in any way I can to get your dog photographed right away.

My dog is elderly/ill and time is limited. I would like to schedule right away. Is this possible?

No problem, if the weather forecast predicts something that would hurt your photo session, such as rain, we’ll coordinate for a new date. I always leave wiggle room in my schedule because we all know how complicated the weather can be in Michigan!

What if the weather is bad?


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