M's Animals Photography

The belgian touch

Hello! My name is Mélanie.

Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, I now live in Detroit Michigan but I often return to Belgium to get all chocolates i need.

I became interested in photography over seven years ago when I had my first dog and camera. That is when I have found a considerable amount of interest for the pets photography and predominantly dogs photography.

Since then, with my dogs, I try to improve my technique and my style. My goal is to show the natural beauty, grace, strength, and joy of dogs.

So if you see someone lying on the ground with a camera, do not be afraid it's me :)


I live with my amazing husband Cédric and our two dogs, Monday and Olive, and for whom playing all the day is vital. Monday knows the camera since he is puppy, and he helps me and accompanies me with pleasure in all my photo shooting preparations.

I’m passionate by the horse riding and the canine obedience, I practice it with my dogs since long time. Thanks to this, I have no doubt that your faithful companion will be comfortable with me even if it is not an obedience champion.

- Mélanie -


I can’t wait to see you and make you pet more gorgeous